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We've received hundreds of mentions in the mainstream, music and cryptocurrency press. Here are some of our favorites:

Choon is a music streaming service and digital payments ecosystem — designed to solve the music industry’s most fundamental problems.

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Artists earning Notes


Number of Tracks


Notes earned by artists

Platform Features

Choon is free to ignore the grandfathered rules and protective monopolizing stakeholders of the old world, creating a brand-new, future-focused industry from scratch.

Smart Record Contracts

Choon will leverage the token economy to give artists daily revenue that amounts to an increase of around 1000% from traditional record labels in a trustless manner.


Choon will remove all middlemen and intermediaries to allow direct listener-to-artist relationships.

Rewards for listeners

Listeners can monetize hand-curated playlists and crowdfund up-and-coming artists for a share of future revenue.

Smart Remix Contracts

Artists can preauthorize other artists to remix their material and to even decide what percentage of royalties they wish to offer the remixers.


With the power of blockchains, all transactions on the network will be transparent and fully accountable.

Crowdfunding Models

Artists are able to raise funds in NOTES to fund projects such as music videos, studio sessions, or similar.

The Team

Hailing from both the music industry and the blockchain/crypto world, our team is second to none.

Founders & Team

Gareth Emery


Gareth has been in the music industry for the last fifteen years—not only as one of the world’s largest DJs but as an esteemed record producer. With three iTunes Dance #1 Albums and over 1.5 million monthly Spotify listeners, he understands the music industry and the problems it faces more than most.

John Watkinson, PhD


A software engineer and computer scientist, he holds a PhD in electrical engineering from Columbia University, where his research included large-scale computing, signal processing, and machine learning. He has worked with Matt for over a decade and, along with co-creating Cryptopunks, has extensive experience with distributed computing and blockchain technology.

Bjorn Niclas


A serial entrepreneur and successful angel investor, he has twelve years of experience in the electronic-music space. His companies include talent buying, artist management, and event production, and hundreds of thousands of people have attended events produced by him over the last decade.

Matt Hall


A software engineer with over twenty years of industry experience, in which he accomplished significant work for Google, Microsoft, and other large tech companies. Along with John Watkinson, he was a co-creator of the Cryptopunks project, where ten thousand unique collectible pieces of art were offered with proof of ownership stored on the Ethereum blockchain.

Scott Sartin


Scott is a fellow chartered accountant (ICAEW [2003]) who specializes in accounting and business management within the music industry. Scott has regular firsthand experience when it comes to royalty accounting for his clients and has seen the music industry choose to not keep up with the digital age firsthand.

Clayton Blaha

SVP of Industry Relations

Clayton's a skateboarder and strategic communicator who has been helping define the intersection of music and technology since Napster Beta. Over the last 8 years Clayton has helped sell millions of records while working closely with some of the biggest names in music, most notably Skrillex, with whom he cofounded the OWSLA label. He wakes up every morning with the intention of redesigning antiquated systems with the application of blockchain technology.

Justice Laub

Chief Harmonizer

Justice has been on the bleeding edge of digital content distribution and marketing for over 10 years. His early work with The Cobra Snake ushered in the era of branded content and led to campaigns with Samsung, T-Mobile, Vitamin Water, and many other blue chip brands. Justice has led teams at numerous social media startups as both a cofounder and executive and has been active in the cryptocurrency community since 2014.

Kassy Ruimy

Business Development

Eddie Oz

Artist Relations

Emily Jackson

Artist Relations


Mark Gillespie

CEO of the ThreeSixZero Group

Management superstar Mark Gillespie is known for his work with acts such as Calvin Harris (whom he discovered on Myspace in 2006 and still manages to this day), Frank Ocean, Travis Scott, Will Smith, Kelis, and Mark Ronson. Since forging a partnership with Jay Z’s Roc Nation in 2010, his management company, the ThreeSixZero Group, has gone from strength to strength. Gillespie sits on the core screening panel of the Grammy organization and is also an investor in various technology and lifestyle companies.

Benedict Chan

CTO of BitGo

Benedict is the director of engineering at BitGo and has vast experience in developing blockchain and wallet platforms. He founded EtherLi, the world’s first multisignature web wallet for Ethereum. Ben advises the team on technical matters, from wallets to smart contracts, payment channels, and security. Back before Ethereum existed, Ben used to enjoy tipping Bitcoin to lesser known trance artists on SoundCloud using ChangeTip.

David Hyman

Online Music Entrepreneur

An American Internet entrepreneur and self-proclaimed music junkie, David has been CEO of not one but three companies relevant to Choon’s mission: Beats Music, MOG, and Gracenote—the world’s largest music database and music-identification service, which sold to Sony for $260 million in 2008. A frequent speaker at conferences such as SXSW, CES, and Midem, David’s wealth of experience in this space means he’s uniquely positioned to advise the core Choon team on upcoming challenges before they become problems.

Savan Kotecha

Grammy Nominated Song Writer

Songwriter Savan Kotecha has been the recipient of 16 ASCAP Awards 9 BMI awards. His songs have collected 12 Grammy Nominations and have achieved number-one status all over the world, having sold more than 300 million copies. Savan was seen on the UK version of X factor where he helped develop One Direction and wrote their break out single “What Makes You Beautiful”. Other Savan songs have released by artists such as Ariana Grande, The Weeknd, Justin Beiber, Maroon 5, Katy Perry, Ellie Goulding, Demi Lovato, Usher, Britney Spears, Madonna, Enrique Iglesias, and many more.


Grammy Award–Winning Artist, Cryptocurrency Advocate

Hailing from Portland, Oregon, André Allen Anjos (a.k.a. RAC) has released over two hundred remixes and two original LPs in a career spanning ten years in the music industry. His career recently culminated in his 2017 Grammy win for “Best Remix,” for his remix of Bob Moses’s “Tearing Me Up.” He’s equally passionate about cryptocurrency and blockchains and is the first artist to release an album, his LP EGO, via the Ethereum network, which he did in July 2017.

Min H. Kim

Founder, Blocultural

Min H. Kim is a blockchain advisor who draws on prior experience from serving as the head of growth at the Bee Token, the chief of staff at Civic Technologies, and the marketing and partnerships lead at Draper University, where she collaborated with Tim Draper and worked on blockchain-related initiatives related to PR, partnerships, and events. Min has helped other blockchain projects with PR, marketing strategy, and community building, such as Nucleus.Vision,, Quantstamp, Tomochain, and WeTrust. She is based in San Francisco.

Alvin Jiang

VP of Product and Engineering, TenX

Alvin is an innovator and experienced start-up coach in the payments space and has founded various start-ups, advised investors, and mentored at accelerators. He started the PayPal Singapore Innovation Lab in 2016 and currently oversees engineering and product deliveries at TenX, a leading blockchain firm.

George Li

Cofounder, WeTrust

George currently leads WeTrust, a blockchain company that has released its first dApp, Trusted Lending Circles, on the Ethereum mainnet. His vision for WeTrust is to create a platform that improves financial inclusion by enabling creation of blockchain-based savings and lending and insurance tools. He has an eclectic taste in music and is excited to see how Choon fits in with this passion. He advises the Choon team on business strategy.

Cindy Charles

Entertainment Lawyer

Cindy has worked in digital media since 1997, and her incredible list of past projects includes Amazon, where she recently worked as the head of business development for Amazon Tickets. She has consulted for clients such as Beats Music, Yahoo, RIM, Spotify, SoundHound, Nintendo, and PopSugar. Prior to helping those clients, she held full-time positions at MTV Networks, WarnerVision Entertainment, the Screen Actors Guild, and various law firms. She is the cofounder of Women in Digital Media, a networking group based in New York and San Francisco which has over 1,5000 members.

Jeremy Seow

Partner at ChainRock, Senior Product Manager at Zendesk

Jeremy is a partner at ChainRock, a global digital-asset investment firm, where he heads up business development from Singapore. He’s also a senior product manager at Zendesk, where he built and shipped the product Zendesk Message. Jeremy joined Zendesk as a result of its acquisition of the chat start-up Zopim, where he was the director of sales and oversaw all of the sales and marketing as the start-up grew from fifty thousand to two hundred thousand users.

Matt Rodriguez

Paradigm Agency

At Paradigm Agency, Matt looks after major artists including Above & Beyond, Dada Life, Sean Paul, JAUZ and Krewella to name a few. An agent since 2004, he jointed world renowned artist agency AM Only in 2004, moving to Los Angeles in 2012 as the agency's West Coast VP. He has worked with some of the biggest names in the electronic dance music space including Tiesto, Skrillex and Zedd.

Matt Colon

Partner, Deckstar Management

Best know as the career manager of Steve Aoki (who he still manages today), Matt’s a power-player on the music management side as a founding partner of Deckstar Management who manage, amongst others, Blink-182, Morrissey and Culture Club.

Road Map

A look at what we have accomplished so far, and the exciting things to come. Full map in PDF

January 2018

Press outreach starts.

February 2018

Product build begins

March 2018

Advisory board expands

April 2018

Contract audits successfully completed

Final white paper released

May 2018

Platform launches on Ethereum and

June 2018

Launch of Monetized Playlists

Redesigned home page

July 2018

Mobile app development starts

August 2018

Track, Artist and Playlist tipping

September 2018

NOTES to crypto & gift voucher gateway


Some of the most common questions we are asked

No, users won’t need NOTES to use Choon. Choon will be a commercial-grade, consumer-focused streaming ecosystem—most of the blockchain activity will happen under the hood unless you are actively looking for it.

NOTES will become transferrable on December 1st, 2018. We are not able to speculate about NOTES being listed on cryptocurrency exchanges but will endeavor to provide an up-to-date list if and when this happens.

NOTES are a utility token, not a digital currency. They can be used as units of account between listeners and artists and can be distributed to artists based on Smart Record Contracts. This distinct in-house problem solving is better handled by our own token. In addition, an integral part of Choon is the distribution of 50% of the overall supply of NOTES to artists via our Streaming as Mining system, which will be used to incentivize artists to join the Choon Platform. This was only possible via the creation of a distinct token.

You won’t have to. We’ll be offering a variety of streaming packages similar to what you’re used to from the legacy services, as well as free advertising-supported streaming. In fact, for the first year, all streaming will be cost-free and advert-free.

For the time being. Long term, we are open to tethering the price to a price-stable cryptocurrency asset as the sector develops.

We disagree. We’ve seen many changes in the music industry over the past twenty years and watched many seemingly infallible giants collapse (Tower Records, for instance) as artists chose new methods of distribution. We’ve seen physical distribution make way for illegal music services like Napster before the rise of legal downloads (iTunes), prior to the current status-quo of streaming services. This is a fast-evolving sector where artists have little baked-in loyalty to any particular service; instead, they choose whichever one serves them best at that point in time. With all of the leading streaming services losing money, we believe that an ethical, sustainable streaming service with minimal intermediaries is the next phase in the music industry’s evolution.

The only way to “mine” NOTES is by being an artist and streaming your music via Choon. However, listeners will also be able to earn NOTES via various upcoming platform features, for example monetized playlists.

Every artist is free to add music to Choon, but you must entirely own your own work. This means (a) your track cannot be signed to a record deal; (b) it cannot be signed to a publishing deal, and you cannot be signed to an exclusive publishing deal covering this track; and (c) you cannot be signed to any copyright society unless you have the ability to opt out of its collecting income on individual tracks.

Maybe. In the United States, the three main copyright societies (BMI, ASCAP, and SESAC) work on an opt-in basis, which means that as long as you do not register a song with them (and it’s also unsigned and unpublished), you’re free to upload it to Choon. In Europe, copyright societies (MCPS, PRS, etc.) typically claim ownership over all of your work whether you register it or not, so for the moment, if you’re a member of one of those societies, you may not upload your music to Choon. Please drop us a message at [email protected] if you’re unsure whether you can add your music to Choon, and we can give you an answer based on your specific circumstances.

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